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Casting on Ophelia

At the weekend I thought I might like to turn my Natali Stewart silk yarn into another Await shrug. But having knit 2inches of ribbing with the pinkier version of the two skeins, I don’t think it’s the right match of yarn for the pattern. So, that’s getting frogged. Tonight I cast on the paler bluer skein for Anniken Allis’s ‘Ophelia’ cowl. I did a long tail cast on over two stitches for the first time!

Wish I’d done it before, it was very easy! As this is knit flat and seamed together it’s going to be an easy but satisfying lace knit. The pattern includes instructions for adding beads but I’m omitting them as I don’t want beads on a cowl. They look lovely but I want something very soft.


Having done nothing but crochet for months in the run up to Christmas, the knitting bug has come back! But I must do some centres of my sister’s blanket!

15 thoughts on “Casting on Ophelia

    • Yes it is – the designer is Anniken Allis (she is in a lot of magazines in the UK) and I think her Ravelry handle is yarnaddictanni – she has some really lovely lace patterns. The Lucille shawl I knit was one of hers too.


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