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Knitting on trains 2015

It’s been a while since my last knitting on trains post! I’ve missed them! So without further ado:

10.01 Westbury to London Paddington



16.36 London Paddington to Westbury



Project is Sophora hat by Woolly Wormhead in I Knit Or Dye sock yarn on 3mm Knit Pro Karbonz circular

PS gratuitous nail polish shot for Salpal! 😉


25 thoughts on “Knitting on trains 2015

      • hee hee hee or do you decide which project to work on based on your nail color? More likely: You have nails and knitting in the colors you love, and so they naturally match. 🙂

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      • Well, that’s an interesting one. I own 8 nail varnishes, one pink, one neon orange, one bright purple, three other purple ish ones, including purpley blue, the one I’m wearing today and the nearly black one. And now you write that I realise they’re a very good reflector of the colours I wear. Who knew. My favourite colour is teal and I have nothing I wear in that colour! My favourite top is silver grey and yet I claim all the time that I don’t like grey. Hmmmmmmmm

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      • lol – Isn’t it strange? Navy blue is my favorite color, yet I just made my one and only navy top! And I only have one Navy skirt, while I have several black and gray ones. Of course, some of this is because we can only buy what someone else thinks is a fashionable color. I guess teal hasn’t been “in” for a while. Which means it will be eventually, right?


      • Possibly, or that you wear colours that suit you rather than colours you like to look at? I’m not sure I would wear teal. I certainly would not wear green or blue nail varnish (makes your fingers look gangrenous!) Hmmmm we need a colour expert. My favourite winter coat is navy and yet I would never choose navy as a colour. Hahaha – well my coat cost me £5 in a huge sale a few years ago. I love it so much I keep wearing it even if it is really scruffy now!


    • You probably can. If it’s out there my sister will know. She’s something high up in FE management but she was a beauty therapy lecturer first and still teaches some classes. I get my nail varnish from her through their college salon. 🙂


    • LOL I’m obviously a good photographer. I love nail varnish and wear it a lot of the time, but because I’m Vitamin B12 and D deficient they flake and break so I tend to have quite short nails. I try and keep them in a vague shape and I use Vinylux which is a week long wear practically unchippable brand, that dries solid in 8 minutes! It lasts about 2 days on me – I am tough on my nails! So the truth is I use a shiny brand and change it frequently!

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