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Oh Ravelry, how you tempt me…

I’ve been known to say that I’m process driven. (And regularly mocked at my work for this too!) Although it sounds a bit bonkers articulating it, it happens to be entirely true. And nowhere truer than with my knitting and crochet. I like the process of undertaking the task far more than the finished item. That’s one of the reasons I gift so many of my makes, and also one of the reasons I don’t stick to one project but flit about between different ones. I suspect it is also the reason why I generally don’t much like stocking stitch projects and equally the reason I like repetitive lace patterns…

Which brings me onto Ravelry. I recently worked out how to look at the most popular patterns in order and it has led to me wasting inordinate amounts of time when I could actually be knitting… It has also led to me purchasing more patterns than usual! I am determined not to cast either of these on before Ophelia and Prolix are done, but tonight I purchased Fox Paws and Scottish Barley. Fox Paws is the most glorious scarf/ wrap that I have been watching the Yarn Harlot make recently (I just read her most recent book and LOVED it – very much recommend her if you need a book to cheer you up!) and Scottish Barley look like the fingerless gloves I really want to make for myself! I am definitely have a selfish knit-up this year!

I also got Marjamets shawl and Ridgley as free downloads. I really like the look of Marjamets – looks like holiday knitting – and I want to make Ridgley for my niece who likes lace shawls!

I also fell in love with Petal Cowl, Fossil and Bone and Bring Your A Game Cowl but I didn’t buy them as I don’t have yarn to knit them with – and as we know, I am not buying yarn. Apart from yarn to finish a project with. *coughs* I did need that Natali Stewart yarn to finish Lucille… I just happen to have 780 metres left….

Right, on with Ophelia. I am not interested in crochet at the moment so I probably need to change up how I’m doing the squares for my sister’s blanket too as I am getting a bit bored with just doing the middles.

Update: I’m off to meet Louise from Lavender Toast tomorrow. She has challenged me to wear one of my knits and I am desperately trying to find my purple beret in King Cole sequin yarn. And I can’t!

Second Update: FOUND IT!

IMG_9932 No, I don’t know why the photo is sideways!

Oh and here’s the first repeat of Ophelia!


Mollie says hi!


18 thoughts on “Oh Ravelry, how you tempt me…

  1. Now you mention it, I recognize myself as process driven too, which is probably why I also give much of my makes away and always have lots of projects on the go. There are worse ways to waste time than browsing Ravelry though, so browse away:)

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  2. have fun tomorrow! Love that beret. And sideways – because for whatever reason, Word press makes you straighten the photos out after you upload them, it ignores any straightening out you did before. You can fix it by clicking edit in your media library, then turning it and saving it and updating. Not easy. I would leave it sideways, it looks good!

    As for Ravelry ain;t it great? I have so many patterns in my library and queue and could add many more if I didn’t show restraint. Just sorting through the free ones is amazing! The paid ones make it overwhelming.

    I killed an hour in the knitting section of my local bookstore today. I could not choose one so grabbed a Vogue Knitting and an Interweave Knits. But a few really caught my sys so I may go back there soon.


  3. A big hello and hug for Mollie. Love the beret, it is so you. I am process oriented too, which means I can get lost in the weeds of the how and why of the knitting stitch as well as the construction method used.

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  4. I have the exact same problem. I am definitely a process knitter. Any time I try to knit something just because it’s something I’d like to wear, I tend to get bored and it ends up going in the unfinished pile. Haha. And Revelry does have a way of sucking all of my time…Way too many items in the queue, I’ll probably never have time to knit them all. I love that Scottish Barley pattern, adding that to the never-ending queue for sure. 🙂

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