Enter a bunny

Back when I was in Tenerife Sarah Inskeep (lovely blog, check it out!) posted this blog post about projects she wanted to make. I loved every single one and of course had to add them to my Ravelry favourites! (I wonder if I will ever knit everything in my favourites – I doubt it!) We started talking about toy reindeer and as these things do, I ended up mentioning a pattern I had bought called Little Cotton Rabbits. It’s just adorable (though I may have to buy the elephant pattern, that is SO sweet) and Sarah and I decided we would knit a rabbit together, a sort of mini KAL. I want to make one for my niece Jessie before she gets too old (she’s 10 in May) and Sarah is making one for her brand new niece!

So, last weekend we tackled the heads! And here is my little cream bunny’s head…

Yes, that is 100% alpaca stranded with Kidsilk Haze!

I can see my friend Maxine shaking her head at me from here! I say if you can make Christmas decorations with Kidsilk Haze, then it’s ok in toys…

This week we’re doing the body and legs. These are knit on 3 and 2.5mm needles! I’m getting to use my new DPNs. My bunny has stripey pants (underwear)!




The pattern clearly calls for big pants… I approve!

Just before I started writing this I finished the first brown shoe!

IMG_0061 This yarn is a tiny bit left over from a Bombella Knit Kit owl I made up for Marmalade Yarns at the end of 2012. It feels like it’s something expensive!

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