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*The* Bag

Before we get to the main item, let me share with you the yarn that I dug out of the stash for the bunny making. I’ve had all of this for at least 18 months and apart from a ball of white Rowan pure wool four ply the little stash has stayed completely intact. (I used the white in my godson’s fairisle Christmas jumper). 

I can’t recall exactly why I decided to use expensive and luxurious yarns for the bunny, but I was definitely egged on by Catriona, one of the two lovely owners of Marmalade Yarns my LYS. She gave me three of these yarns, which were samples:

The lime green is Rowan wool cotton 4ply; the pale blue is Excelana pure wool 4ply, Susan Crawford’s vintage inspired colours. I bought those! The samples are all small skeins/ balls (which is fair enough) and while might not make an accessory are perfect for making small dresses! The pink is Adriafil Genziana a gorgeous 100% merino 4 ply, my favourite, the purple and pink gorgeousness is Artesano 100% alpaca 4ply (it is so smooshy!) 

And this little ball is 70metres of Manos del Uruguay Serena a 60% alpaca, 40% cotton blend. How pretty is this?! 

It reminds me of one of the mini skeins of Colinette I used for Christmas decorations in December. It has a gorgeous feel to it. 

So over the next few weeks I intend to turn these into little dresses!

Yesterday Mum & I went on a recce to Bristol to see where I have to go tomorrow. We had to take my nephew and niece who had stayed up late on Friday and weren’t in the sunniest of humours…  We found the office, timed everything, so I know where I need to go and how long it will take. 

Mum and I had discussed what I should wear. Being plus size I don’t own a suit. Suits and structured clothes don’t suit me as I look stuffed into them! I had in my mind a grey dress and jacket – although my friend and colleague Caz had strongly advised me to be careful about buying what I was talking about as I didn’t want to look frumpy. I had hoped to get something from Taking Shape in Bristol but everything was very casual. I did buy a black unstructured jacket/ cardigan which will look nice over my dress. 

I have a purple Anna Scholz dress which is very flattering and depending on the weather I will wear my boots or smart shoes. In Mum’s opinion the key thing about what you wear to interviews is your attitude and the smartness of your accessories. So we went into Debenhams and I bought this! 

It’s a Jasper Conran bag! I have never owned such an expensive bag! (Put it this way, it was 20% off and it was still three figures!). Nor have I ever owned such a grown up and smart bag. My Cath Kidston backpack is more my style! This looks like the kind of bag people who wear heels every day own! (I don’t do heels since I broke my ankle nearly six years ago.)

Mum pointed out that it will be a good investment as it is either going to be a work bag or an interview bag…

What can I say?! 

19 thoughts on “*The* Bag

  1. Your mother is right. That bag = good taste, smart, efficient, totally focused, chilled-white-wine kind of person 🙂 I’ve spent some time in Bristol, absolutely loved it. Good luck for tomorrow.


  2. Oh a post full of gorgeousness. Your little bunny will be the best dressed toy for miles around. Love those yarns.

    I don’t generally do handbags (I have one for everyday use and an evening style one but that’s it) but I do like your new bag. I have everything crossed for you and good luck with tomorrows interview 🙂

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  3. I am impressed that you have checked out where to go and how long it will take you. I can’t tell you how many people have arrived late for interviews or meetings with me over the years because they hadn’t done that. It was always a point off! While a posh bag won’t get you the job – your sunny smile and cheery nature will do that – it ca’t hurt! Does Mollie like leather? Best wishes!!


  4. Love the yarn – that little bunny is a lucky girl!

    As for the interview – the bag is gorgeous, but as noted above, it is YOU that will get the job. So if the bag makes you feel more confident, it is worth every penny! I notice it is plenty large to fit a little knitting into. I think your purple dress with a black jacket will look smashing. remember to match your polish! lol.

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  5. I adore the Rowan yarns. Have bought them many times, and cannot get enough.
    Glad you got such a fancy bag. 🙂 I do believe what your Mom says. (hehe, you guessed it, I have a “fancy bag” that I absolutely adore. Even worse, I am one of those that wear heels every day for work. 🙂 )


    • Well, I’m not sure. I prepared really carefully but they asked me questions that I didn’t know the answers to – and from the job spec I’m not sure that it would have occurred to me to research them – very strange questions when set beside the job spec. I imagine that it will be a no – they said tonight or tomorrow. So I imagine the person who got the job knows already but you never know. I am not hopeful simply because I think they are looking for someone with a different skill set to me. I could do the job advertised happily, but if a key skill was left out of the advert then… I haven’t given up hope but I will know by tomorrow! But there are other jobs out there….


  6. I hate when they do that – either advertise poorly or have someone in mind before they start. It feels unfair. However – remember that they liked your application enough to make that call for an interview, so it is not all bad. I hope you hear good news soon. But if you don’t, at least you got some practice in interviewing – always a pleasure, lol.


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