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A coffee incident

Thank you for all your lovely comments about the job interview. There’s no news at present, but for an update check out the comments of the bag post… 

This morning I was quietly consuming a cup of coffee. I put it down on my sofa tray – seen here several days ago: 

  Yes my coffee was in the same place. Different mug though. 

Next time I turned back one of my bunny’s legs was taking a bath in the coffee!! I don’t know how it happened, it must have caught on my dressing gown sleeve.  I immediately rushed into the kitchen and washed it carefully. I thought it might felt as its 100% alpaca and Kidsilk Haze stranded together… 

However now it’s dry, it appears not. Only time will tell if it’s a different colour now… I think it might be but can’t tell in the artificial light… I’m pretty sure the one on the right is the one that had a coffee bath. (Yes I’ve got them mixed up as well…) It was completely emersed so the difference in colour shouldn’t be indicative. What do I know. Hopefully they’ll be useable. 

16 thoughts on “A coffee incident

  1. I knew you had a bunny and in my brain fog thought your real bunny had been for a dip in your coffee! I was thinking that is so cute your bunny sits with you while you craft!! Gosh! Glad you sorted it quickly! I once spilt ribena all over something once so I know the feeling!

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