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Tuesday things

I am on the run down to finishing with my Sophora hat by Woolly Wormhead.  Just 20 rows to go. I originally started it as the MKAL in November but had to stop because of my knitting injury.  It’s a really lovely pattern and I’ve enjoyed it. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I quite like knitting on small circulars – they aren’t so heavy. 

Thank you for all your suggestions about how to deal with my coffee dunked bunny leg… I have to be honest and say that I just couldn’t bear to knowingly dunk 100% alpaca and Kidsilk Haze in coffee. Luckily it doesn’t seem to be obvious and The Snail of Happiness pointed out that bunnies are naturally different colours so it’s ok if this one is too! Here’s proof: 

As you can see Flora (the white one) looks like her ears and face have been dunked in coffee! Ollie is the most glorious shades of grey. (Frankly the best kind of shades of grey there is! 😉). I’ve just been out to give them a bedtime carrot crunchie and had some bunny kisses. 💜

Betty (as she is now to be called courtesy of Sewchet) should be finished by the weekend. 

Now to less lovely things. Thanks for asking about the interview. I’m afraid I didn’t get the job. I don’t mind as  it seems to me that  the job I thought I was applying for clearly wasn’t the job on offer. I have to be honest and say it wasn’t a good interview as I struggled with some of the questions asked. I’m not looking to justify my failure here but I did my research into the role and company really carefully and I know I was prepared for every item detailed on the job spec. I also read up on government policy in the area. However I wasn’t asked any questions about my own abilities but questions about risks to the industry; how I thought the company would need to adapt and so on: all knowledge based questions  They’d seen my CV and knew I was looking to move into a different area, not coming from within their industry. No questions about how I could cope with change or integrate or even how I would do the job. I could have learned the stuff they asked me but they couldn’t have had a strong idea of who I am. Just what I don’t know! They also said that my involvement in politics was a problem… My entire CV is politics based! If it was a problem then I’m surprised I got an interview! I’ve been offered feedback, which I’ve accepted and when that happens I will also feedback. 😉 So, onwards in the job search! And thank you all for being great friends. 💚

11 thoughts on “Tuesday things

  1. If they weren’t going to value your political expertise, it probably wasn’t a good fit. Seems like those skills could be put to good use elsewhere. As for feedback – very cool that they will give it, and give you an opportunity to provide some. It’s all practice for the interview for the perfect job, still to come.

    Hat is fab also – you are working on some pretty things these days!

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  2. Perhaps you should show them this post as your feedback. Such a shame that they didn’t ask about you, the person, sounds like a disappointing interview set up. I hope something better finds you soon. Knitting is looking fab though!

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  3. I completely understand the no-dunk decision. Even though I cheerily advised you to do it, I probably wouldn’t have done it myself for exactly the same reasons……….. I’ve always said that interviews are just as much for the interviewee to find out if they want to work for the company that is hiring. If you don’t get a good impression from them and feel uncomfortable, you have a pretty high guarantee you won’t like working for them. Onward and upward!

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  4. Firstly, love the hat. I’m so glad you have been able to pick up your postponed projects again and fingers crossed that your annoying injury can be kept at bay.

    My instinct is to offer commiserations in respect of your unsuccessful interview but from everything you’ve written it sounds like it’s maybe a blessing in disguise. It’s frustrating to do all the prep’ work to the job spec’, research the company and walk in feeling confident and prepared, only to find the interview is not based on the job spec’ at all.

    Onwards and upwards though, your new job is just around the corner waiting for you to find it 😉 x

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  5. It sounds as though that company needs to look at their own recruitment procedures! Not a lot of joined up thinking going on there. But the next one should be easier, having experienced a tough one.

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