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FO: Sophora hat & a few bits & pieces…

I finished it! 

I like this photo, even though the colour isn’t that great.  These are more representative: 

I finished it about 11.45pm and immediately took photos in the hall upstairs!  As I type this I am still wearing it with my nightie!  I LOVE it.

Pattern is Sophora by Woolly Wormhead; yarn is Ziggy Stardust fingering by I Knit or Dye London. 2.5mm circulars and DPNS.

Aaaannnnd, I mentioned that I had broken my yarn buying ban in the Countess Ablaze online store at the weekend.  Well, this arrived today!

How GORGEOUS is that? And a lovely project bag too.

My friend Sam gave me this gorgeous bunch of flowers today: 

I also took this picture of Lucy that I can’t resist sharing, She’s my Mum’s springer x golden retriever. 

’Do you like my bone Auntie Claire?’  And I can’t leave the beautiful Mollie out!

9 thoughts on “FO: Sophora hat & a few bits & pieces…

  1. Your Sophora is perfect! I don’t think I would ever take it off either! 😉 Love the new yarn! It just glows! Have you decided what to make with it yet?


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