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A teeny tiny shawl

I left my Noro shawl at work by mistake, which is why Betty’s second new dress just jumped off my needles last night.  I blogged about the dress and then while I was fiddling around trying to decide on dress no 3 and cooking, no cooking is rather extending the truth, lets go with putting a pie and chips in the oven (!) for D’s tea, the lovely Mandy Munroe, quilter extraordinaire, had commented saying Betty needed a shawl.  Now it happened that I had already been planning a shawl for Betty and I couldn’t resist immediately casting on.

Kidsilk Haze, 2.5mm needles and my favourite shawl pattern ever Lace Leaf Shawl by Mary Henderson. 

Of course, then I had to go and see if Mandy is on Instagram so I could post her a picture of progress – social media stalking for the best of intentions – and yes indeed she was! However I’m the winner as I could look at Mandy’s fabric porn ALL DAY – so it has only enhanced my IG feed 😉 

The fabric this knitting has created is glorious.  I would normally knit Kidsilk Haze on 4mm for a shawl but I think I might try some Knitting Goddess cerise lace in the same style as Kidsilk Haze on 3mm in the same pattern when I come to knit it up.  It will be like knitting a cloud. Here’s the shawl this morning before the border…

On Betty:


And I couldn’t resist… I’ve cast on another dress! 

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