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Highs & lows

My boss was made a Privy Counsellor today, which is a high. Other than that it was a day of small lows including waiting 45 minutes for a Skype interview which didn’t happen. Plus sad as one of my favourite authors, Terry Pratchett, died today. I can see from social media that many people feel the same as me. So I’m just comfort knitting on the Noro shawl. Noro is a natural high. 


21 thoughts on “Highs & lows

  1. Devastated about the news. I watched Going Postal this afternoon and rewound for his cameo twice 🙂 I’ve been comfort crocheting because I’ve not got the needles I need for my socks… X

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  2. I am sorry for all the lows…and of course, I don’t understand the high, but will check your link.

    it feels like a real loss when you lose someone who was important in your life, even if you didn’t actually know him. Not silly to cry!

    The knitting looks wonderfully cheerful, and I hesitate to add – as usual polish and knitting are coordinated. 🙂

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  3. So sad about Terry Pratchett, although of course not surprising. So many people on Facebook have been quoting and mentioning him – people whom I didn’t even realize had read his work. He touched a lot of lives.
    Meanwhile, just to change gear completely, HOW gorgeous is your Noro shawl?! I was just drooling over ATangledYarn’s sock yarn, but this is just as luscious and beautiful. Ah, I do love a bit of yarn porn.
    I hope the job search takes a turn for the better very soon.

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