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A hedgehog

Your husband is out and you have a whole evening stretching in front of you. Your friend texts to suggest wine might be on the agenda in a couple of hours. So what is the obvious thing to do? Cast on for a knitted hedgehog of course! My friend Josh said he would like one and as he was going to be visiting I thought well why not. It took me 2 hours. The brown is Artesano alpaca, the cream baby Cashmerino and the grey some kind of silk. Knitted to a Little Cotton Rabbits pattern on 3 & 2.75mm needles. 

Unfortunately due to a late running meal the wine is postponed but I am so pleased I’ve made this! 

In other news, check out this picture of Mollie. I had the TEMERITY to leave her for 45 minutes with my colleague & friend Caz who snapped this photo. 

She’s very good at the hard done by Lab look! 

11 thoughts on “A hedgehog

  1. The hedgehog is adorable! So nicely done. Poor Mollie, she does know how to make someone feel guilty. Even though, her pout is adorable too.

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