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Anyone fancy a KAL?

I’ve talked a lot about my favourite ever pattern, Lace Leaf Shawl by Mary Henderson.  Here’s three of my 10 versions of it: 

Mary teaches classes in my LYS and is just such a great designer.  She’s just  published another version of this pattern in The Knitter, called Blackthorn, where the leaves get bigger as the shawl gets bigger.  It’s Ravelled here.  Anyone fancy knitting it along with me?  Nothing formal or stressful, I thought maybe starting in April and giving ourselves a couple of months? 

32 thoughts on “Anyone fancy a KAL?

  1. Hmmm, I’m now knitting a shawl and I had something planned for next month but this sounds rather tempting. And I do love a bit of lace… Yarn recommendations and quantities? X

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  2. I would love to join in, I have fancied making a shawl but could never settle on a pattern so it’s great that it’s already picked out. Can I ask though, does it have to be made on circular needles? I find them so small and difficult to use. Or can you buy them with longer needles parts? If not I will still give it a go as I like the idea of doing it together.

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    • well, so you know, everyone else apart from me seems to be going for the actual lace leaf pattern! They are both gorgeous! I usually knit the first half on straight needles as I prefer it then I transfer the work to circulars once I know the pattern. You could try doing it that way – you might find with long straight needles that you don’t end up transferring to circulars.


  3. Can I be like everyone else and be in with the original lace shawl? I have been wanting to knit another one of those, and this will push me in that direction. And you know I have the pattern already. 🙂

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