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Lace Leaf KAL

Well, folks, we have ourselves a KAL!

We’ll be casting on on Wednesday April 1st with time to really get stuck into it over Easter. 

There is a choice of two patterns: Either Lace Leaf Shawl  or Blackthorn both by Mary Henderson.  Both are available on Ravelry.  Lace Leaf shawl is £3 and Blackthorn is £4. You’ll need to download this by April 1st. 

This is going to be a seriously unstressful KAL.  There will be suggested targets but if they aren’t met, no-one will mind! We will have a Ravelry group to show our WIPS and FOs. Sarah Inskeep is going to be moderating this group with me and co-running the KAL. More on that next week.

We’ll keep the KAL going for two months (as some folks will be joining later in April 😉) but I reckon most people will finish it in a month – 6 weeks. 

I’ll post a blog and on Ravelry once a week (on a Wednesday) giving a suggested (and realistic!) target. But you can go faster or slower as you prefer! 

At the end of our KAL there will be a prize! More on that another time! 

Yarn &  Needles. The yarn you use is entirely up to you. This pattern looks great in lots of different weights and types of yarn. Pick one that you’d like to wear (for those that need some help, I’m making recommendations below!) Just go up a size or a couple of sizes than the recommended needles. So, I would knit laceweight on 4mm, sock yarn on 4.5mm, DM on 5mm, Aran weight on 6.5mm. However use what feels and looks right for you. If you want to talk this through send me an email to mollieandclaire at yahoo.co.uk (obviously use an @ instead of the at!) and I’ll get back to you. 

The size you make will depend on the amount of yarn you buy. I’m tall and large so I like BIG shawls. 

Lace Leaf Shawl is written for one skein of sock yarn but you can add extra rows before the border. 

Blackthorn is written for 660metres. 

Yarn suggestions

  • Lace weight – try Rowan fine lace or Juniper Farm lace. 
  • 4ply/ sock weight – any sock yarn really!  A semi solid works really well. For UK residents try The Knitting Goddess/ Eden Cottage Yarns/ I Knit Or Dye London (these are yarns I have used, other suppliers are of course available!). For a striped version Noro Taiyo 4ply. 
  • DK – for a plain shawl, consider holding Rowan fine lace or Juniper Farm lace with a matching shade of Rowan Kidsilk Haze or Debbie Bliss Angel.  For a striped version, you could consider Noro Janome, Shiro and Silk Garden Lite. Or a sock yarn stranded with Kidsilk Haze….
  • Bigger weights: I’ve made one in a silk & cotton Noro Aran weight which worked well. A DK stranded with Kidsilk Haze/Debbie Bliss Angel woud be an Aran/ Chunky weight. Chunky – Rowan Cocoon would make a super snuggly shawl. 

    I’m going to make Blackthorn in Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal Tweed (a 4ply) in gold and will showcase Lace Leaf in Sirdar Wool Rich Aran in grey and a double stranded cerise pink one using Knitting Goddess cerise mohair lace and Deeply Wicked from easyknits.co.uk in the colour way Pinky for different examples. These balls here! 


    I prefer to knit on straights so I will be using 4mm Knit Pro Symphonie cubics (straights) with the Fine Donegal to start with and will transfer to Knit Pro circulars (either Symphonie or Karbonz depending on my mood and availability). The 4mm will create a relatively dense fabric. I am using 6.5mm Brittany Birch needles for the Sirdar Aran which will create a very open fabric.  I don’t have any 6.5mm circulars so that could be interesting… Finally I will swatch to see how the fabric comes out and use use either 4.5mm Knit Pro Cubics in metal (borrowed from my friend Sam) or 5mm Knit Pro Symphonie with the pink.  Both are straights and I will transfer to my Karbonz circulars as I need to.

    Sarah is going to knit the Lace Leaf shawl in ‘Row of Tulips’ from Expression Fiber Arts, a 50% merino, 50% silk blend.  She’s going to use 4 or 4.5mm needles, depending on which fabric she likes best from testing. And those needles will be Knit Picks Options interchangeable circulars. Check out this yarn! 


    That’s all for today.  I’ll post again next week with final details!

    16 thoughts on “Lace Leaf KAL

    1. I have purchased my pattern 🙂 I shall attempt to get myself organised and take it all with me, just in case there is time to knit …….. Possibly wishful thinking, but hey! I was going to get some of that delightful beaded yarn from Silk India, but have left that too late, so I shall go scour my LYS.


      • Who knows? Maybe you will have time for some knitting as you go! If not, you’ll be all ready to start when you get back! Have fun at your LYS, I bet they’ll have just the thing!

        Liked by 2 people

    2. I missed this post as it didn’t come up in my Reader so will have to catch up and buy the pattern pretty sharpish! Am struggling so much with choice of yarn – there’s too much out there to narrow it down to one! Thanks for all your useful information:)

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think if you like cosy things (which I think from your poncho making you probably do!) then you would probably enjoy one stranded with mohair – you could try Kidsilk Haze stranded with Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal. For something silkier and more luxe feeling, try Rowan Fine Art sock yarn. 🙂


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    4. I’ve got the pattern for Lace Leaf shawl and I’ve found two 50gm balls of Louisa Harding Amitola in my stash. This was bought from Love Knitting and there are 250mtrs in a ball 80% wool and 20% silk. Not sure what size needles to try, nothing smaller than 4mm I think, if not bigger. My only disappointment is that the pattern is written not charted as I find it easier to follow a chart than to keep my place in a pattern.

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      • Hello Lynne! I would go for a 5mm or even a 5.5mm depending on how tight a knitter you are. I’ve always gone for a needle two sizes larger than the one called for on the ball band. You can tell pretty quickly when you start the set-up whether the fabric will have a nice drape and as the set up takes about 20 mins you can always start again on a larger needle. I will contact Mary and ask whether there is a chart and if not, will write it out myself – its a nice simple one. x


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