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Knitting Bee

Today my sister, nephew and niece and I had lunch with our friends Sam and Josh to celebrate Sam’s birthday.  Lunch that had cake and subsequently involved a trip to the yarn store and then a number of hours of knitting. Basically my perfect day. (And I discovered the most divine Mary Berry butternut squash soup recipe which I made for lunch.)

Starting with the piece de resistance, this was the cake Josh made!  It’s basically a crispy cake – the white layer is made with melted marshmallows and the chocolate with melted Mars bars! Sadly I couldn’t eat it but I am assured it was delicious! 

My niece let me take some photos of her wearing a tunic I knitted for her last year: 

As I have said before, a young woman who appreciates knitwear as much as she does deserved to be made stuff! 

Then this evening while we sat and knitted I tried out my panorama function on my phone.  We are all sitting in a 12x12foot room and I managed to get us all in! 

From left to right: Josh was knitting a square; Gayle was casting on a cowl neck tunic dress for Jess in Sirdar Crofter; Sam was knitting Raili’s Shawl (starting with the lace at the bottom he had 350 stitches on his needles) in the most glorious tomato red, and Jess had finished knitting a cerise pink sparkly hat for an Innocent smoothie bottle and was making a green pompom.  I was knitting on my sample lace leaf shawl for the KAL.

9 thoughts on “Knitting Bee

  1. What a cosy scene, looks like the perfect way to spend a few hours. Is that an old sewing machine table in the corner? I love the way the panorama can capture so much more – you get more of a sense of the atmosphere, don’t you?

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