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Yarn for shawls

Yesterday my sister had asked if I would go with her to our LYS and help her pick out a pattern and some yarn to make something for my niece.  As Gayle is just getting back in to knitting after doing a degree part time for the last six years (while holding down a full time job and having two kids, AND it looks like she’s getting a first! YAY!) I’d suggested that first off she should choose a reasonably priced yarn that felt nice and a pattern from the same range – just for tension and outcome purposes.  She had had a good look on Ravelry and found something she liked, but as it was knit using an American brand I didn’t know, I wasn’t keen to supervise substituting. In my mind I had thought Sirdar would be a good choice, as their pattern range is fantastic and in general incredibly well edited. And so it proved.  She picked some Sirdar crofter and this pattern, which I think is just adorable.  And something my niece will wear next winter. 

As Jess loves her lace shawl I had said that as we were going to Marmalade she could choose some yarn for me to make her another one. I freely admit that I steered her away from the cheaper yarns and pointed out the most expensive yarns as a) I don’t want to knit with acrylic and b) I am educating her yarn palatte… 🙂 I reckon in future years when she’s a poor student and hopefully knitting that her auntie can send her yarn parcels.  Yes, we are talking wishful thinking here…!

In the end she picked Noro Sekku: ï»¿

And I suggested the Kidsilk Haze to strand with it! ï»¿

While we were doing this Gayle said that she’d really like another shawl and that the green one I made her was so useful for work….  Of course, I’m a sucker for anyone who wants something I’ve made and immediately said ‘let’s pick out some yarn.  So we settled on Debbie Bliss Fine Donegal in this glorious lavender and the MOST gorgeous pinky-neutral Kidsilk Haze to strand with it. ï»¿

So, I have four shawls to knit in April!  I won’t be doing anything else! 

21 thoughts on “Yarn for shawls

  1. Those close ups really show how gorgeous the yarns are together – I particularly like the first colour combo. I must try to get over to Marmalade, it sounds like a great little shop.

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  2. First of all, congratulations to you’re sister on her predicted first 🙂

    Secondly, that was the jumper dress I knitted for Little Mudlet and looks fabulous knitted up – which of the crofter shades did she choose?

    Finally, I love your yarn choices. Gorgeous colours as per normal 🙂 x

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  3. all fabulous colors! I think you can handle 4 shawls in one month. Use big needles. I dig out my Leaf pattern and yarn the other day – but refrained form casting on until April 1. 🙂


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