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I’ve been preparing for the lace leaf KAL by test knitting a version of the lace leaf shawl that my sister chose the yarn for, checking the timings and so on.  This is it here: 

Apart from knitting I have recently acquired an italic pen and have been practising my cursive script with a view to generally improving my handwriting.  When I left school I had really lovely handwriting but over the intervening 25 (25!!!!!!) years it has deteriorated.  It still looks quite nice but its a scrawl.  So I am practising proper cursive script with a view to reintegrating it back into my regular handwriting.  

I struggle with my ‘r’s – I seem to do about 5 different versions…  And here is my practice! Luckily a lot of what I was taught is coming back to me, but I am struggling with slowing down, not gripping the pen too hard and concentrating….

We shall see – but I’m enjoying it and that’s what matters. Right, back to my test knit!

9 thoughts on “Penmanship

  1. I’ve discovered that cursive is no longer taught in the schools here in the states. It’s crazy. I have very nice penmanship, but my student worker could not read my writting at all.

    The shawl is very pretty in pink…very feminine.

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  2. you are being so good, planning out this KAL. I love the soft pink of the shawl. I think mine will be a deep purple. Maybe. 🙂

    Love that you are practicing your penmanship! Mine has deteriorated a great deal since I stopped being graded on it (way more than 25 years ago. 🙂 )

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  3. That shawl is looking great – plain colours work really well don’t they! I’m seriously considering not using the Indian Silk for this project and getting me some bamboo instead – stay posted!

    I did the ‘finding my own handwriting style’ thing about 25 – or possibly more – years ago…. sigh! [The year thing is just plain silly isn’t it? I now have a daughter who is numerically the age I feel – I don’t understand how this happens!] Any how, it was a really good thing to do and has stayed with me ever since. It slows you down a bit initially and then you’ll be off and running 🙂

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  4. Both handwriting samples look great to me. The first appears carefree, relaxed, chilled out, flowing and pretty. The second is more serious, formal, structured and yet graceful. Neither could be considered an embarrassment, both are nice to read 🙂 x


  5. It is so nice to feel like 10 again! It’s funny and useful in the same time! And hand writing is admirable!! I used to write a lot while studying but my notes had not always looked clear…. 😛

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  6. Your ‘normal’ handwriting is beautiful! In fact I prefer it because it’s got more personality and flows more fluently:) I have to admit to a trial run with the KAL and just as well – I’ve frogged it twice already and mohair does NOT like being frogged!


  7. The shawl is lovely. I really like the color. It’s wonderful of you to devote time to hand writing skills, because it really is a skill. Both examples look lovely.


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