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Pre-KAL information

I imagine you all have your yarn at this point, have downloaded your pattern and got your needles.  Here’s a bit of information about the times it will take. 

Blackthorn we are knitting to pattern over 8 weeks!  With the Lace Leaf shal there are going to be three different sizes options:

– The regular, which is the pattern as written, over 5 weeks.  Knitted on sock weight/ 4ply upwards you will get a nice size shawlette.

– The medium, which adds 3 extra repeats to the pattern, over 8 weeks.  You should choose this option if you have decided to knit with laceweight, or if you like your shawls a bit larger.

– The Large, which adds 7 extra repeats to the pattern, over 8 weeks.  This one is for folks who want a BIG cosy shawl.  I’d do this with at least a DK but preferably an Aran weight.

Based on my own knitting style, which is slow and fairly clunky (yes really! I am just persistent!) the knitting commitment is on average two hours a week for the regular and medium and two and a half hours for Blackthorn and the large.  However it might take you a bit longer while you are getting used to the pattern or quicker if you are a speedy knitter.  I’ve worked out sensible stopping points so some weeks might take more time, some might take less.

And do you know, if it takes you longer, that’s fine too!

Don’t forget to join our Ravelry group here, so we can all see everyone’s progress! 

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