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A woolly pitstop…

Mollie and I had a quick visit with lovely Janet at Marmalade Yarns on our way home from work today…   


Mollie admiring some Noro… 

I bought nothing! I am trying to be well behaved. 

This evening after the excitement of a very large posterboard being erected in my garden (it’s probably an involved-in-politics thing, like election fever!) I knitted the body of my knitted elephant!  

 I think I’m going to change her eyes from brown to black, I just don’t like them brown (they look red here). 

KAL post will be up Wednesday at 9am. 


18 thoughts on “A woolly pitstop…

  1. Mollie look as though she is not impressed with being in the yarn shop despite trying to tempt her with some lovely wool. Loving Mr Elephant, so cute, i agree with changing his eyes to black though. I have tried using other colours for eyes but always end up going back to black.

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  2. I’m super impressed with your ‘no purchase made’, especially with Noro in the shop 🙂

    The elephant looks fab – apart from the demonic red look of its’ brown eyes – and I can’t wait to see it finished.

    Oddly enough placards and posters are growing from lawns, fields and hedges around here too 😉 xx

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  3. Oh had that been Yarn Rascal instead of Mollie it would have been mayhem. Mollie is so regal, so well behaved, such a wonderful lady. Many congratulations on walking out without purchasing anything. I admit I am not that strong and since I don’t live near any yarn stores actually being in one would be more than my senses could take. Love the elephant.

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