Putting photos on Ravelry – a KAL tutorial

A couple of people have asked me how to post to the KAL Ravelry group, so this is a tutorial for them!

Firstly you need to upload your most recent photo of your project to its project page on Ravelry.   If you haven’t already set up your project, this would be a good time to do it!


Click onto the photos tab in the top right hand corner.  You will see this screen:  


Scroll down that page and you will see this:  


Click on choose files (bottom right), pick your photos and when you’re done, click Done (top right hand corner of pop up box). 


(Haha here you can see all the photos I’ve been taking over the last few days!)

You will then be back to this screen:   


Click on upload, bottom middle of the screen.  Barring any problems your photo will upload to your project page.  

Next you pop along to the Lace Leaf Kal group page and scroll down to the Discussions box.  


Choose the discussion thread you want to post in – probably the WIPs one! Click on that line.  You will then see the last post you looked at in this thread, or the last one.  At the top of each page (top right under the KAL photo and the ‘next page’ sign,  there is a button marked ‘reply to this thread’  


And it’s at the bottom of each page too…  (bottom right)


Click on this button (in either place) and you will get this box up: 


Put a bit of text in now (or you can wait until after you have loaded the photo). Do you see the line of icons above where I have typed my text? If you click on the fifth icon from the left – the green box – next to the speech marks, this box will pop up:  


Click on ‘Use a project or stash photo’. This screen comes up:  


Click on the photo you just uploaded.  The screen will do this:  


Click on use this photo and your screen will now look like this:  


Time to pop in some text if you haven’t already, then click on ‘Post reply’ in the bottom left hand corner. (You can preview it if you wish, which is on the icon panel, just above the text, on the very right hand side.) Your post will appear, with photo, as the next post in the thread  Like this:  


Et voila! If anyone is really struggling let me know!

6 thoughts on “Putting photos on Ravelry – a KAL tutorial

  1. Ah Claire. I am now feeling the proper amount of guilt at not posting the progress pic of the shawl. I promise to get to it before the weekend is over.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m not sure if it is me and my foggy brain or if the process is really complicated – but I think I got a photo posted somewhere before I ran out of time. Thanks for this tutorial Claire, I shall save it and practise! 🙂


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