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A quick post

I finished my pink lace leaf shawl – I only needed to make a small one as my friend, the intended recipient, is petite:  


Obviously it needs blocking! I’ve found it hard to get a good photo of this yarn because it loves light.  


I’m currently in a nark with Blackthorn because of this:  


However I need to get over that and stick with it.  This is intended for another petite friend so I’m not going to knit it to full size, but make it something she can wear under her coat.

And last night, this happened:  


A centre pull cake of my Caterpillargreen yarns skein of ‘Concrete & Tulips’, still the most expensive yarn I’ve ever owned when you take in to account the VAT the wretched customs charged me. I admit the centre pull cake was entirely a mistake as I wasn’t trying to make one, but it does show the colours off nicely. The yarn is designed to be used for a top down triangular shawl and the stripes should be equal! I’m entirely copying the Yarn Harlot who said she knitted garter stitch for the grey and stocking stitch for the colours.  Here’s what I did last night!  


Before anyone comments, I’m giving my fingernails a few days off from colour as I need to do some gardening. 🙂

13 thoughts on “A quick post

  1. Lovely finished shawl. I was loving that pink, but know you’ve said it’s hard to photograph I’m wondering if it’s exactly as I think. Hurrah for petit friends! I’m six foot tall so always adding inches and therefore time when it’s for me. Love the caterpillar yarn – can’t wait to see that knitted up.

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  2. The Caterpillargreen yarn looks beautiful and I’m looking forward to seeing that worked up.

    Did the yarn snap as you were knitting or was it like that when you reached it in the ball/skein? Had that problem with a ball of the red Wendy Supreme I used for Middle Mudlets jumper, got so far into a ball to find the yarn in two pieces.

    Waiting to see the pink shawl after blocking and the pattern opened up 🙂

    Happy gardening by the way xx


  3. Who on earth would comment on your nails? lol… they look pretty plain, too, you know.

    The shawl is awfully pretty, no matter the color changes. As for the Blackthorn – that is a drag. I did have to use two balls on the green one I made, so had to deal with ends, etc. Hopefully you are near a row 1, so there is some solid knitting to help you capture the ends. I wish yarn manufacturers would not do that – just make it into a couple of mini’s so we know we are dealing with ends.


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