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When is a yarn buying ban not a yarn buying ban?

When your LYS having a sale coincides with celebrating a new job, of course! 

If you’re anywhere near Frome (I’m looking at you Sewchet) you will like to know that Marmalade are having a SALE on Sunday (10-2) to coincide with the Independent Market! 

I happened to turn up today as Maxine was pricing up stock (as in with lower prices)… This visit was never going to end with me not buying something. 

The yarn purchases happened like this. I said I was getting annoyed with the Fine Donegal I’m using for Blackthorn and was thinking about putting a different colour border on it. Maxine dug out a box of Louise Harding ‘Orielle’ to show me the cream. Which I loved and decided to buy. But then I saw the RED! So I picked that out too and then she goes ‘oh I’ve got some Debbie Bliss Party Angel that’ll go with that’. And of course it was perfect together. 

Maxine is a Yarn Pusher. 

I also came away with *coughs* 24 *coughs* balls of Sublime Aran to crochet a cardigan for myself. 

At least in my new job I’ll only be able to go in at the weekend! 


25 thoughts on “When is a yarn buying ban not a yarn buying ban?

  1. Hopefully there will be another sale when you get your 1st pay check. Maxine sounds dangerous, though I’m sure she’s very nice. My next purchase will be blocking boards and wires, for my KAL shawls.

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  2. Lol, it’s a good thing you got your new job to fund your yarn buying habit.

    Anyway buying yarn to celebrate your new job is much healthier than say having a couple of glasses of bubbly for example……… oh but wait, you did that too didn’t you 😀 😀

    It’s so nice to hear your happy tones in your writing again xx

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  3. It is my considered opinion that “SALES” makes null and void any self imposed ban on entering any crafting supplies store. This opinion has been tried and tested over many years. It is really no longer an opinion, it is a fact of life 🙂 And besides a new job requires one to look ones best and nice red cardigans meet that criteria………

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  4. WOW! When you break a ban, you really break it! Might as well make the ban worthwhile, huh? I love that red, and think the blackthorn with a second color will be beautiful. Maxine is really good at what she does, isn’t she? 🙂

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      • The only restraint I have is that A is in charge of the checkbook, and she is even tighter now that I am earning less. If it weren’t for her, I would have LOTS of yarn, and more bills. 🙂

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      • D is now claiming he instigated the yarn buying ban (!) which he did not, I did. He doesn’t seem to mind what I buy and I don’t mind what he buys (a completely unnecessary pressure washer was today’s purchase!).

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      • lol you are lucky – A definitely has something to say, or eyes to roll if I say I need yarn. This is how we came to develop our cash stashes. Mine is currently empty, but I have a birthday in about 6 weeks, so I expect a restocking. 🙂 Also, anything I sell, I get to keep the cash from, as I should. But for the most part, we pool all resources, and decide together what our priorities are. there is still so much to do to finish this place that yarn takes a distant place on the list. I get that. But still get distracted by pretty yarn. Did you see that yarn The Knitting Sarah just won? So sparkly and pretty… 🙂

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  5. I’m currently in the middle of a yarn ban myself, but I do live incredibly close to Marmalade Yarns and I am free this Sunday. And I’m moving further away soon, so it’d only be right to just nip into the shop one last time, right? For browsing purposes only of course!

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