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Anyone who knows me at all knows that my taste in music is quite random for someone who grew up in the ’70’s and ’80’s with parents who worked in the music industry.  The trouble is, when you are a teenager and the coolest people you know are your parents, then you’re going to find some way to rebel…. 

There was a huge record library for me to listen to at home and the stuff I liked the best was the early 1950’s rock (Buddy Holly, Richie Valens etc) and country music.  My love for Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton was learned early!  I mostly liked American music too.  So when my Dad was promoting Madonna’s latest album I was listening to Folsom Prison Blues… 
In my late teens my paternal grandmother introduced me to the Three Tenors album, which kickstarted a lifelong love of opera and in particular tenors singing classical songs. Then I discovered some incredible Americana songwriters, Tom Russell, Rodney Crowell, Dave Alvin, Rosanne Cash and so many others. A decade later I learned to love good English folk music, in particular Show of Hands.

When I met Damon, who’s a rock fan, we slowly developed a list of records we listened to together.  He introduced me to The Eagles & Queen, I introduced him to Andrea Boccelli and latterly Lady Antebellum.  We both loved one of the last Proclaimers albums and the first couple of albums by the reformed Take That.  (I like country music, liking Take That isn’t embarrassing…)

Recently I’ve been listening to the Rolando Villazon album ‘Tenor’ from 2010, for no other reason than I remembered how much I love it.  I’ve just discovered Postmodern Jukebox, who record modern pop songs with vintage sounding arrangements and am loving their new release ‘Emoji Antique’. 

Then last night Damon came home from a hustings (he’s standing as a parliamentary candidate) and while he was telling me about his evening, he suddenly announced he had something for me.  He came back with a card and handed it to me saying ‘the Green candidate is a knitter! She has a bag of stuff she carries round like you do! AND She sings songs about knitting!’  I obviously first questioned him about what she had been making and he confidently identified it as crochet.  I was impressed, especially as I have subsequently verified this…

So songs about knitting!  Not a lot to complain about there. So I went and checked out Talis’s website.  And loved it.  I really recommend watching her knitting songs on You Tube, they’re really fun! The links are on the bottom right of the page.  And you’ll notice she does knitting gigs!  I have to get to one of those. Hope you enjoy.

Knitting related posts will resume at the latest next Friday. 

9 thoughts on “Music

  1. I agree with Salpal – an eclectic repertoire of music is a must for keeping us open and accepting of the different worlds I think. I shall check out the knitting songs later on. Have a great weekend!


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