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Casting on and off (soon) 

In anticipation of finishing Blackthorn (that I’m knitting as part of the Lace Leaf KAL), I cast on a new project.  Indian Feathers by Alina Appasov is a free Ravelry download and just what I was looking for – a crescent shaped shawl, with some lace but quite a lot of stocking stitch.  It’s a really nice pattern and I am using  the Noro Sekku my niece chose for her new shawl. I’m hoping to get it done for her 10th birthday on May 25th. You need 34 stitch markers!  


Today I have been concentrating on finishing Blackthorn…  

Adnd this evening I started the cream border. I had decided to add a different colour border as I felt the gold needed a bit of a lift.  


Sleep? Who needs sleep, I’m knitting. 

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