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FO: Blackthorn

I knew as soon as I started knitting Blackthorn that I wouldn’t be completing the whole pattern. I want to give this to a friend who is petite and a lot of shawl would swamp her. So rather than go to the fourth size of diamond, I added the border onto the third size. I decided to do the border in a contrast colour, simply because I felt the gold colour needed lifting. I cast off this morning and blocked it straight away:  


The Lace Leaf KAL is going on for another few weeks but I’ve got both my projects finished by week 5! I’m very happy! 

12 thoughts on “FO: Blackthorn

  1. Your Blackthorn turned out very nice with the contrasting border. I do love the gold. Your petite friend should be very happy.

    I’m finishing up the section 4, and trying to decide if I keep it or gift it to my sister. She is 5’7″, compared to my 4’11”, and could wear it well. It seems I skipped my teen growth spurt.

    Thank you for organizing this KAL.

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  2. Beautiful work. I really like that the edging is in a different color. Your are so talented! Do you normally find it easy to pair colors? Or is it something you’ve learned?

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