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Crochet, Mollie and a late night purchase

As you can imagine things are pretty busy around here.  I’m really only managing to slip in a little bit of crafting here and there and none so far today! However last night I dug out my sister’s blanket and did a few more rounds!  


Mollie has been abandoned at her Granny’s more often than usual over the last couple of weeks and has taken to sitting and staring at me whenever we’re at home together…!  


Oh and look at my new sandals/shoes (Clarks claim they’re sandals)!  These were purchased during one of those late night, I’ve been up for ages and working too hard and somehow found myself clicking through on an advert on Facebook…  Yes, those adverts do work… But I LOVE these.  Perfect for the new job! 


Talking of the new job, I had to fill in a medical form online and of course had to admit to the gastro-encological issue I had last  year and recovered from earlier this year.  And now I have to have a full nurse assessment on Monday.  Eek.  I know it is routine and I can explain everything and people have illnesses and then start new jobs and I am absolutely fine now but you still feel nervous don’t you?! 

17 thoughts on “Crochet, Mollie and a late night purchase

  1. Glad to see the blanket is getting a look in again – those shoes are pretty cool! I’m pretty sure the hoo-ha about health checks when starting a new job is just so you can’t later claim they made you sick – you already were 🙂

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  2. Shoes or sandals, they are very pretty. All the best with the nurse assessment. I know what you mean. We have yearly checks at my place of work, and they do the full range of poking. 🙂 I am sure all will be fine. Don’t feel nervous. Just smile. 🙂

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  3. Poor Mollie. She’s such a dear little soul. The nurse check up is probably just as Pauline says. In the US businesses don’t concern themselves that way. A health insurance company would and it’s only just recently that they can’t deny health care coverage for someone with pre-existing conditions. Under the old law, with my breast cancer I would have been thrown off health care coverage and not able to get any. Now they can’t do that anymore, but they can strangle me with their rates.

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      • Do you know how much I pay for my cancer medication which I need to take every day? $300 a month. And that’s just for one medication, not counting the others I am on. My Sister-in-law pays $2,000 (1313 in pounds) per dose for her cancer medication. She has stage IV cancer. Some months she can’t afford it and so she goes without. The doctor visits alone can run $200 per visit (131 in pounds) and that’s without testing, throw in few blood tests and it’s closer to $700 (459 in pounds). Yes you guys are very lucky.


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