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The SS Great Britain

We have the niece of Damon’s German best friend staying with us at the moment while she does work experience and today we brought her to Bristol on a trip to see the SS Great Britain. I didn’t expect I’d enjoy it much but I really did. Highly recommended if you’re ever in the area. 

First up, coffee on the waterside:   


The ship sits in a glass cradle to mimic the sea. There’s about an inch of water on top of the glass. The tour includes going down into the dry dock under the glass ‘sea’ and the sun through water creates such beautiful light:  


The anchor! It’s bent! It was done in a storm. VERY glad I wasn’t in *that* storm.  


The enormous propellor and a silly selfie featuring me & D… 


The deck:  

Various views of the outside & the prow:  


We met my sister and her family for lunch where coincidentally we were so happy to hear that Ireland, where we grew up, had voted in favour of equal marriage. 

We then went on a boat trip of Bristol Harbour:  


Me with our honourary German niece’s on the boat:


The large wooden ship is a replica of The Matthew:


After our boat trip the others had icecream and I got to knit a little on the harbourside.  


And time for another selfie:  

 A lovely day out. 


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