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Not missing, just decorating. 

I have hardly knitted anything for the last week. I’m actually suffering withdrawal symptoms! The only knitting I did manage was while we were staying in Stroud for a family party.  

The weekend was fun. Celebrating my Dad & stepmum’s 70th birthday.  Here’s me with my sister in our best frocks. I would have shared one of the numerous pictures I took of me & D but sadly he looks a little worse for wear in all of them despite being quite sober! 

So, last week, with my new job start date in early June and the above mentioned weekend away ahead of us we agreed to get on and decorate our bedroom. It’s the only room we haven’t done in our little shoebox house and it hasn’t been decorated at all since D painted it sludge green for his then 13 year old son some 14 years ago… That son is now the father of our two grandchildren, I moved in 10 years ago and we have never got round to doing it! But FIRST we had to clear it. It’s a small room, I have NO IDEA how we fitted so much in there!  But we did and as I write it is now a lovely Dulux shade known as ‘gentle lavender’ on three walls and waiting for some pretty flowery wallpaper on the fourth. We’re having fitted wardrobes put in (date tbc) and then will have new carpet, new bed, new blind, new light shade and new bedside lamps. Yes indeed! I am putting most of my redundancy money in the bank but we’re treating ourself to doing up the bedroom. Here’s the colour:  


It’s very very pretty. I just want it to be done so we can stop sleeping on the sitting room floor! (The other two bedrooms being filled up with other stuff!) 

17 thoughts on “Not missing, just decorating. 

  1. Totally understand the knitting withdrawal as I am completing a cross stitch sampler for niece’s wedding present and have put all else aside to see it done. I’m on the last panel–I call it the panic panel as I hope that the border comes together at the bottom. You will be so pleased with your bedroom when it is all done! Lovely color.

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