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A picnic and some beads

My sister and Mum had volunteered to wallpaper the feature walk in our bedroom if I took my nephew & niece & honourary niece out for the day. A picnic vs decorating?! No contest. We went to our favourite place Old Wardour Castle:  


After eating, while I knitted  


The others played old fashioned card games, Happy Families and others!  


Dilly my sister’s dog came with us:  


The views from where I was sitting:  


More knitting!  The colours look amazing in the sunlight. 

On the way home we called in at Stitchncraft beads and bought some beaded jewellery kits. It kept the girls quiet until and after tea time!  


I bought myself one too but not until I have some time to myself!  


And finally I own a pair of stork scissors!  


Tomorrow I might have some photos of the decorated room! 

8 thoughts on “A picnic and some beads

  1. I also am the happy owner of some stork scissors! They are so pretty and so handy! It looks like you had a lovely day out – I’m impressed with children happily playing card games while you knit – and that yarn is looking pretty amazing too!

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