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Can’t sleep crochet

I start my new job today and I’ve been awake since 4am… I’m not nervous so this must be excitement. What am I, nine?! 

Anyway you may remember the Scheepjeswol CAL I started and then got bored with half way through? Top note to self, anything that requires 12-18 hours per week commitment ain’t gonna happen.  Well in January someone suggested that I make a small blanket with the squares I had completed. I decided to turn it in to a cot blanket for D’s baby granddaughter who is 1 in about 10 days time. Now I’ve had 5 months to do this, but of course started yesterday…

I’ve decided to add a simple Granny row to each square and join as I go, then add a three or maybe four row border. I have four colours I haven’t used in the blanket and I’m using two, a deep violet and lemon yellow, with perhaps a mint colour (I’ve only got two squares in mint). 


I like that the colours aren’t traditionally girly.  Anyway this should keep me busy for a week. Oh and I haven’t mentioned that I have failed to sew in any ends on the squares. Yay… 

16 thoughts on “Can’t sleep crochet

  1. By the time I write this you are probably half way through the day – and I hope it is a good day! The blanket will be gorgeous, as everything you do is – and what a good use of the squares. And think of all the lovely colors of yarn you have left to do something else with!

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