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35 hours in Germany

Yesterday we flew to Stuttgart from Heathrow to attend Damon’s German best friend’s 50th birthday bash.  

We picked up our hire car and drove to Fornsbach, a little village about an hour from the airport. It’s just beautiful, this is the view from the terrace of the house where we were staying.


The party was fantastic. Not just great food but music, Mario’s friends singing songs/ saying poems/ performing skits for him and also masses of drink.  

D was eventually persuaded, after a number of litres of beer and well past midnight that he’d like to do some shots of schnapps, as predicted by his fond wife…. Look at the two of them! They look like they’re having a good time!  

We got to bed late and woke up to the most glorious sunny morning. Rather unfairly I woke up with a headache despite drinking no alcohol, while D and our host (who went to bed at 5am!!!) were annoyingly full of beans. After breakfast on the terrace we spent the day with our friends and then drove back to the airport in time to catch our flight at 7pm. 

A long and tiring weekend but it was Definitely worth it. 

7 thoughts on “35 hours in Germany

    • They met on a twinning visit. He’s a councillor in our German twin town and came on a visit. It was besties at first joke! In fact, I said to Mario before Damon had met him, you’re clearly my husband’s long lost German twin…


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