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Fabulous crafty weekend!

I’ve been staying at my Mum’s looking after her dog Lucy. Lucy is a handful!  


On Saturday I worked on the Mustardseed shawl for the shawl swap:  


While my sister made pompom alliums as decorations for her 40th birthday party in August!  


There five pom-poms there and one real allium!

Lucy got herself VERY wet in her paddling pool: 


Today I did a couple of rows of the shawl before turning to sewing the ends in on the crochet blanket for my step-granddaughter. And here it is in all its glory:  


And then I turned to the blanket I’m making for my sister as a gift for that big birthday…  


I think Lucy has enjoyed her weekend… Mollie did too!  Even if she has a less enthusiastic way of showing it! 


9 thoughts on “Fabulous crafty weekend!

  1. The grand-baby’s blanket is beautiful – I love the way the colours have worked together and the asymmetrical pattern is really appealing to me! The mustard colour on the beaded shawl is not my favourite, but despite that it is looking pretty fine – the pattern is beautiful but how do you get those tiny beads attached?

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  2. The blanket came out fabulous! Love the way the colors play with each other. The texture is eye catching too. That is a precious photo of Lucy after her pool experience. It is clear from the look on her face that she just can’t help herself. She’s the Bonnie to Yarn Rascal’s Clyde.

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