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Amazing stitch markers

Last Monday I knew that the stitch markers I was using just weren’t working with the pattern.  


I have some lace stitch markers but they were in use on a current WIP. So I decided to get some more and knowing I’d bought some previously on Etsy I headed over there. I went straight to Absoknittinglutely as its in my favourite Etsy stores and she had just what I wanted. I ordered them and hoped they’d arrive by the weekend. They arrived on Wednesday! That is fantastic service! Here’s the package I got with a lovely note:


And the stitch markers: 


They’re the best stitch markers I’ve used – the beads are glued so that there are no sharp edges or chances of the closure of the ring snagging your knitting. I recommend this shop highly. 

In use!  


And I have to say, this is an unsolicited genuine review of goods I paid for. I have received nothing for writing this. 

9 thoughts on “Amazing stitch markers

  1. Going to go look at the shop now! As I have the clover pin markers and they can get annoying, plus the ones you have look gorgeous!


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