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A trip into Wiltshire

On Tuesday, after a meeting in Keynsham, I drove through the glorious countryside just north of Bath but below the M4… 

And parked in a field at Lackham Manor and while I waited for my Mum & sister did some knitting!  

They arrived & we had a mini picnic… 


Our birthdays are all in August and Gayle (her with the box of salad) had bought us all tickets to see an outdoor production of The Taming Of The Shrew as a birthday present. I’m an English Literature graduate and I love Shakespeare. 😊

The seating was a temporary stand of tiered seating under a plastic cover and this was our view!  



Before the event started we looked like this…  

And as the night drew in and it got chillier we started putting on the hand knits! This is us at the start of the second part!

A good night even if it did feel strange to be wearing a winter coat in July!  

11 thoughts on “A trip into Wiltshire

  1. What a gorgeous setting for a bit of the Bard! I used to go every year to watch performances in a garden setting [Called pedantically ‘Shakespeare in the Garden’] I loved it! Wrapping up is all part of the fun don’t you think? That knitting is looking rather nice too …..

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