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I decided that I needed to get my holiday knitting ready this morning. We’re not going until the 26th but it doesn’t hurt to be organised! I had some skeins that needed winding…

Skein Queen ‘Sugar Mice’ & Chilean yarn Araucania ‘Ranco’ to make Heidi Alander’s Eyeblink shawl:  

3 skeins of Caacade220 to make two Fairisle Christmas hats… 

And 7 skeins of Louisa Harding ‘Orille’ to make a Wrapped in Love shawl:  

There are several other projects I’m taking (just in case) but those balls come pre wound! 

14 thoughts on “Winding…

  1. I love the yellow and pink yarn, I think it might be the Sugar Mice one from what I can see of the label. I can’t wait to see how it works up. Actually, all the yarn looks yummy, who am I kidding?!

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  2. Lovely selection of yarn Claire. Looking forward to seeing the finished projects. I envy you the time you will have to sit and knit (hopefully uninterrupted) for lengthy periods of time. I’m on with Eldest Mudlets’ birthday jumper but between two gardens, the Mudlets and house, is slow progress fitting a few rows in here and there

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    • I am finding it harder with my new job as sometimes I’m too tired to knit. But as you know, I’m no gardener šŸ˜† and D and I muddle through the housework together (or not as the case may be!) so I am lucky!


      • I did wonder how the new job was going. It’s still early days though isn’t it (about 5 weeks or so if my memory serves me right šŸ˜Š) and the learning process is very tiring. Hopefully in another couple of months or so, you’ll be through this period, be more used to things and not so tired šŸ˜Š x

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      • I think it might be 6 weeks! I am enjoying it though my line manager is doing an incredibly gentle induction. Sometimes I wish she’d just chuck it at me, but I appreciate the care she’s taking!

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    • My idea of a perfect holiday is the hubby either going off and doing something energetic (I don’t do energetic) or reading and me knitting for most of the day šŸ˜„! We do go and look at things and visit places and I have a walk and a swim every day but I do want a good amount of needle time!


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