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What a week! Some times sunny, some times raining! I valiantly tried to finish all the round 2’s on my sister’s blanket…  


But I had to finally admit I couldn’t! I have known for a while I couldn’t do the blanket for her birthday but I hoped to be half done. A lesson to learn from the delayed blanket is I love crochet but too much all of the same at once I find hard.  So trying to do 400 times the same round isn’t sustainable and I need to do it in achievable chunks… 

So, I needed a birthday present and as luck would have it, yesterday we were in Taunton to go to ‘Taking Shape’, my favourite clothing chain and we walked past a shop selling Troll Beads. Gayle’s husband is buying her a Troll Bead bracelet for her birthday, so she picked some beads to go on it.  😄

I have been packing this week. Everyone apart from me thinks three shawl and three hat projects is too much. But I have all the yarn in my case alongside my clothes and I an under the allowable weight so it’s all good. 😄

This yarn I have decided will be a Colour Affection shawl:  


And I got a bit previous and started knitting it…  


That’s me getting in a sneaky bit of knitting at work as I arrived very early. 

Right I’m off to take the bunnies to their holiday home and have a sort out for our house sitters! 

5 thoughts on “Holiday! 

  1. have a wonderful time! And no, that is not too much knitting – what if you 1 get bored with a project or two – finish one? then you will need those other ones! And I hear you on 400 of the same thing – that is tough!

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