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Bedted’s poncho

This is Bedted. He’s my sister’s 40 year old childhood companion. And he’s wearing a handknit poncho courtesy of my Great Granny.  

My ten year old niece decided to bring him with her on a trip to Madeira as ‘he needs a holiday’….

My sister is mildly anxious about him (yes he might be wearing a dress but he’s definitely a boy) as he’s quite fragile. Incidentally my niece’s teddy Timmy is also a boy that wears a dress (or today a pink gilet, sparkly top and shorts). With impeccable logic my niece advised me that Timmy’s a tomgirl. And why not… 

Anyway back to Bedted. I’ve never had cause to examine Bedted’s poncho before now but it’s a really pretty stitch pattern. It was originally made for my Sindy doll in acrylic that’s gone fuzzy with age. Can anyone tell me what this stitch is?  


14 thoughts on “Bedted’s poncho

      • It doesn’t list a name for the stitch used, but when made up it looks very similar to your poncho, at least what I can tell from the photo. I can look in my Harmony Guide, though sometimes the names aren’t up to date as my book is kinda old.


  1. Oh how fun to still have childhood items! I still have my blankie, a green variegated acrylic rectangle that’s small like a book almost. I have it in a Chinese box and once in while I like to take it out and show my girls. It still has that comforting touch. My mum crocheted it when she saw my cousin dragging a big blanket around that dragged on the floor like Linus. She didn’t want me to do that while I had sucked my thumb.

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  2. It may be Cell Stitch, which my book gives as a 4 row pattern of 4 sts + 3. The other one I linked to is only a 2 row pattern.


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