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Where Claire goes in a cave

We all really like the villa we’re staying in.  It’s quite hard to wrench myself off the patio from my chair by the pool and go out for the day. Especially when the knitting is going well.  But as I’m into volcanoes (when I was younger I wanted to be a volcanologist or an Egyptologist…  And yes I took an English Lit degree.) and like caves and so does D and my Mum we waved my sister and her family off to the Aquaparque and set off for Sao Vincente. We love the Via Rapida (so much nicer named than a motorway) and all the tunnels it goes through and in no time we’d traversed the island from South to North. The caves – really lava tubes – and vulcanology centre was small but very interesting.  A nice couple of hours.  


It was good.  Highly recommended.
We got home to discover Timmy had adopted a very louche position near the bar… 


And I sat and did some knitting (of course!) 


16 thoughts on “Where Claire goes in a cave

      1. It’s very beautiful. About 400miles north of Tenerife where we go every January. I don’t like the climate as much (drier and more arid further south which I do like). Has a fascinating colonial history as well as a geological one.

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      2. It sounds wonderful! Not sure it will ever happen (she would rather have a garage than a trip, can you believe it?) but it is good to dream and have goals. 🙂


  1. We spent a January week in Funchal, Madeira a few years ago… Enjoyed it! Really liked the Botanical gardens. And travelling with kids: it was a great advantage that everything was so close; could go for a hike and still have a few hours at the pool! Enjoy your vacation! Hege

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