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From the sublime to…

… work, 8 hours after we got home. And that includes sleeping, commuting and all the things you have to do to look work ready.  Argh.

I haven’t even unpacked my case yet – doing that this morning.  Color Affection is where I left off in Madeira as on Monday lunchtime I bought 11 balls of bright coloured but VERY cheap acrylic (we’re not talking Stylecraft here) to make some brightly coloured pompom garlands and crochet bunting for my sister’s 40th birthday party next weekend.  Now, we’ve known about this birthday for 39 years and three weeks and we’ve been planning the party for at least a year and have been crafting for it.  BUT apparently we haven’t made enough. However as my sister operates on the same more is more principle that I also use, I suspect this just means we haven’t YET made enough to to make her garden look truly bonkers.  So today, between empting my case, doing washing, feeding my rabbits, and generally sorting out as we are having our bathroom replaced next week, I’ll be doing this:


8 thoughts on “From the sublime to…

  1. Lol, you do know that you are completely bonkers don’t you 😁

    Can’t wait to see pictures. The pompoms and bunting look so colourful. I really hope the sun shines for your sister, so you get to see the full glory of your combined crafting efforts 😊 x


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