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Crafty Birthday

I woke up as D came back from a night shift and we spent an hour together, him with breakfast, me with coffee and Mollie being cute!  

Unfortunately he has to work all over this weekend as I asked him to move his days holiday from today to next weekend when it’s my sister’s 40th party. 43 might be an achievement but it isn’t a big birthday!

D gave me a really lovely Lamy Neon Lime Green Safari italic nib fountain pen for my birthday. I love fountain pens and really want to practice italic handwriting so it was a perfect gift. AND turquoise ink!  
I then spent a happy couple of hours putting together the crochet bunting I’d been making this week before going over to my Mums where I blocked it.  

Our friends Sam and Josh came round for lunch…  

(I wasn’t expecting a cake and coffee cake is my favourite!)

… and stayed for the crafting!  

And this is some of what we made!  

5 strings of pompom bunting, 3 strings of crochet bunting and innumerable pompoms to hang on trees, bushes and dried twigs. 

It was a fabulous day and I had lots of lovely presents. I’m very lucky. 

13 thoughts on “Crafty Birthday

  1. Happy belated birthday!!!! Sounds like a lovely day. Isn’t it nice when a birthday falls on a weekend?
    I’ve been making bunting too – For the grangerange charity yarn bombing event https://thegrangerange.wordpress.com/2015/06/28/charity-yarn-bombing-2015/
    Just a thought, but if you were looking for a home for some bunting after your sister’s birthday, I’m sure Geraldine would love it. Her yarn bombing weekend is the bank holiday weekend. But then again it would just all look so lovely remaining hanging in your sister’s garden.

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  2. Bunting in any way, shape or form just makes a party, doesn’t it? I made 135m of double-sided bunting for our wedding two years ago, and it spends its life touring the country being borrowed for numerous events. It’s so lovely to see it being used all the time:)

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