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New project! 

I’m taking part in the Instagram autumn shawl swap whereby you knit a shawl for someone and someone else makes one for you. It’s great fun following what everyone else is making – and then getting something fab at the end of it!

I’ve been reading Charlotte Walford’s blog Lottie Knits since I started my own and I had marked her new shawl Wild Poppies down as one I really needed to try since she released it. 

The lady I’m making for asked for blue or green and I chose this lovely petrol blue (colours not showing well in pics) sock yarn from West Yorkshire Spinners. 
So I assembled the required materials…  

And cast on!  

I’ve knitted one repeat so far and I love this pattern! 

As you can see by this time I had located my absoknittinglutely stitch markers! 


16 thoughts on “New project! 

  1. Love the beginning of the shawl. The beads look lovely and big. Are they a good sized bead? I’m so used to working with the small ones that seem to spill all over the place, to Yarn Rascal’s delight. I’d love to work with beads one could actually pick up with one’s fingers.

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      • lol – I just cast on a Norah Gaughan shawl, Millais. No beads, lots of fuzz. they had a sample in the shop I was in last week, and I could not resist it. I finished the bright lace leaf yesterday and right away cast on. Still thinking about the beads I will use on my handmaiden shawl – and wondering which one I will make!

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      • Just checked out Millais on Ravelry. That’s a nice shawl! If I ever finish Color Affection (8 rows to go) and then finish Wild Poppies, I want to make ‘Chasing Rainbows’ from Boo Knits Starcrossed Lovers ebook. Check it out its soooo pretty!


      • One thing I like about it is that you cast on ALL the satitches for the outside, and spend the whole time knitting DECREASING, so the rows grow less and less tedious! Brilliant. 🙂

        I will check out those other patterns you mention. And I am still wanting to do the Hap for Harriet by Kate Davies, just have not gotten around to finding the exact right yarn for it. lace and beads always distract me. 🙂

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