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When I was a teenager, before the knitting bug took hold of me, I used to do quite a lot of embroidery. Mostly free form with stitches I invented! 

When I was 15 I embroidered this and Mum made it in to a cushion for my maternal grandmother for – I think – her 68th birthday.  
For years this sat on her green sofa in the front sitting room (the best room, not for everyday use) in pride of place and no-one was allowed to use it! Now it’s in my Mums sitting room and she’s less fussy but still doesn’t like it being sat on! 

Of course you don’t think about these things when you’re 15, but my grandfather was a botanical artist and while I clearly just made flowers up, what would have been brilliant would have been if I’d used one of his paintings as a base. Oh well.

The initials on the back:  

I don’t do embroidery anymore as its hard on the eyes and my asthma medication has given me a slight shake that doesn’t go well with tiny needles and delicate work but I am proud of this. 😊

21 thoughts on “Embroidery 

  1. It’s truly beautiful and obviously a much treasured gift to have lasted this long and still look like new. My mother has just given me back two cross stitch pictures I made for her thirty years ago as she has no room to display them now – perhaps I’ll show them too:)

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  2. Initials SP?? Can I tell you how impressed I am that at age 15 you were inventing patterns and stitches and even flowers to make such a lovely piece of work! No wonder you have such an eye for form and colour now! I’d be framing it if it were mine 🙂

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  3. Very pretty, and wonderful that your mother saved it. Back in my teens, I embroidered free-form flowers on the legs of my jeans. I had a little business going for a while, making little money. My jeans didn’t survive the years.

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  4. I used to embroider as a child too! I still have the little blue book of stitches I used to choose from and probably some of the silks too, in my old giant quality sweet tin. I’m sure quality street tins where larger back then.

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