Home Improvements…

We’ve recently had a new bathroom installed. This was after a major upstairs leak was discovered. We were still in recovery from the downstairs leak… So with further ado, our new bathroom:  


Damon chose the Lino…. I like it in a ‘I can’t believe I agreed to that’ kind of way. (And I like colour generally and this colour palette!) Sam put it perfectly when he said ‘that’s equal parts genius and a crime…’.

So if you have crazy Lino, you might as well have a bubble mirror, right?


The room is tiny. Just enough for a bath, loo & shower, but as you can see we’ve replaced our bath with a fabulous shower!

And downstairs we now have a fabulous slate effect floor!  


This is still a work in progress. All I’m saying is one of the wall colours was inspired by a SuperDry bag…

9 thoughts on “Home Improvements…

  1. OH MY GOD!! Sunglasses on! That is CRAZY lino! It is AMAZING lino – MIND-BENDING lino and ‘I wouldn’t want to be feeling nauseous on that lino’ lino………. I think I love it!! ❤

    Kudos to Damon for his choice and kudos to you for your bravery. If you can't be a little crazy in the smallest room where can you eh?

    Now I'm waiting to find out what colour a SuperDry bag is ………….

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