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An update on my shawl swap

I am just LOVING this Boo Knits pattern.  Like all of her patterns it is beautifully and clearly written. No chance of going wrong. I actually enjoy knitting her patterns so much I want to knit ever single one she’s written! Check out the Boo Knits page on Ravelry. 

Here’s the next little bit of work on Forever Yours:  

Mollie indicating knitting needed to be put down and attention paid to her…

I enjoyed a session watching my favourite musical, The Phantom of the Opera…  

 I love it. And it doesn’t hurt that Mr Butler is v sexy and super attractive in the mask. ☺️ 

Onto the final section:  

I have 6 rows to go! 

9 thoughts on “An update on my shawl swap

  1. Where has your ‘Like’ button gone? This shawl makes my heart sing and thank you for the link to Miss Boo’s Ravelry store – I followed over and got a bit lost in wonder and awe!! I saved a couple of patterns and then thought I’d better stop…….. Your shawl is looking fabuulous!!


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