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More bunting, more yarn…

My stepmother was very taken with the bunting I made for my sister’s party, and as they’ve just had a new pergola installed, which she said would suit bunting (yes a hefty hint was dropped!), so I obviously decided to make her some for Christmas. I don’t find them exciting makes so I figured if I did one or two a week I’d have loads by December! I’m using 7 different colours by Stylecraft and this pattern by Attic24.   

I also might have made a few purchases in Marmalade Yarns… 

 The grey is for some mittens for a colleague who gets cold hands and the other two for a couple of Woolly Wormhead hats. The purple for Tucked which will be for my sister and the neon green Noro for me in a pattern called Ravine

4 thoughts on “More bunting, more yarn…

  1. How good of you to commit to making something you don’t particularly enjoy doing. I’m not good at that. Lovin’ the neon yarn. By the way, your ‘like’ button is no longer on my iPad, but still comes up on my computer. Must be a software glitch:)

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