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My hat grows

As with all of the Woolly Wormhead patterns I’ve knitted, you have to trust where she’s going and just follow the pattern faithfully. I always do because I’m a bit OCD about patterns and I’d need to know it really well to modify it! That’s not to say I couldn’t, because I could, but then I’d have to actually think about it and when I’m knitting is not my time for thinking. I’m also, let’s be honest here, a bit averse to change (I tell myself change is good but it’s a conscious thought rather than an embracing of the reality of change) so why change a pattern. Plus pattern writing is hard work do if someone’s done it for you, brilliant. I am LOVING the construction of my new hat. The main headband is knitted flat in moss stitch:  

Before being joined in the round with overlapping stitches (hello new skill) to create the front feature      

Happy days. A fab pattern, some lovely yarn and a nice quiet evening. Couldn’t be better! 

11 thoughts on “My hat grows

  1. That is interesting. Whenever I knit a new pattern, I put trust in the designer and knit it as it. Then I see what I liked and maybe what I didn’t. I do look at helpful notes on the pattern’s project page too.


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