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Some projects just don’t work out…

I was getting on really well with the hat….  

And then it occurred to me to try it on to see how nice it looked… Well, I hadn’t thought about how glasses might work with a very close fitting hat… 

Let’s be honest, it looks like an old lady hat turban. And not in a good way. I thought about finishing it for my sister, even though she laughed like a drain at the photo, but finally decided that as I wanted the yarn as a hat for me that the only way was frogging…

Back to Ravelry for a good pattern! 

21 thoughts on “Some projects just don’t work out…

  1. That’s the funny thing about hats, all that work and then the style doesn’t work. I love the color on you. I guess it’s back to pattern searching.

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  2. I hope you have good sense of humor, because the picture of you, wearing the hat is hilarious. If I were you I’d use the yarn to make socks. It so 70’s. It’s one of the colors that look great on a skein.

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    • Well I know I look like a pillock in the hat but it seems right to post it! It’s a bit thick for socks – a worsted weight – and I am *determined* to make a hat that fits from it. In another pattern tho!


      • You may want to add some dark brown or even black border to it, since it really is a crazy color, that only people with a very dark complexion and black hair would look better.


  3. I agree that the colour is wonderful on you. I also agree that the style is not at all you. I am also the kind of person that will rip and repurpose. I hope to see a wonderful hat out of the green that you love and that loves you. I personally like the “Wurm” hat pattern minus a couple repeats. Looks fabulous on almost everyone. It is on Ravelry and I saw that the yarn harlot makes them for herself, her mum, and her daughter to name a few. I made one in purple for myself and my mum is making one for a friend right now. Just a helpful thought. Best of knitting to you.

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      • Sorry that it takes me what seems like and probably is forever to respond. I am glad that you picked out the same pattern that I suggested even if it was not upon my suggestion. It makes me smile every time I see that this hat has been cast on or that someone is actually wearing one. My mother, who is not the best knitter but is trying, has decided to cast this hat on to make for a friend for Christmas.

        Happy for you and best of luck with the new pattern and the old colour. It is a fabulous colour.


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