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Cafetiere Cozy Sunday

Back in the summer when we were on our holiday, my sister said to me how much she liked the Fairisle pattern on one of the hats I knitted. She then requested a Christmas cafetiere cozy featuring the poinsettia Fairisle pattern. (The Fairisle chart and the hat pattern was written by and is the copyright of Diane Wilson.)

Last night, a bit fed up with the 2.5mm needles (I love the project but not constantly!), I cast on, twice, as the first time I used the wrong size needles!  


This morning, after I’d fed Mollie, the rabbits, and myself, visited my sister’s cat Colin who I was looking after and done a few little household tasks I settled down and did a bit more:   

I got to the Fairisle late morning:  


Finished it off while watching Dr Who on catch up!  


Mollie wasn’t massively interested in the finished item… Though she was interested in my lunch! 


And unusually for me I went straight upstairs and blocked it!  

All I need to do now is see the ends in and add buttons. And hope the button hols are in the right place for Gayle’s cafetiere! 

The yarn is Cascade 220, knitted on 4mm needles. I improvised the pattern using the poinsettia fairisle chart from the hat. 60 stitches wide to 46 rows deep. The original hat by Diane Wilson is Raveled here. It’s also a free pattern!

PS: this is Colin my cat-nephew 😄 who I mentioned earlier. Isn’t he sweet?!


12 thoughts on “Cafetiere Cozy Sunday

  1. Okay – Colin is a very cool name for a cat – and that fellow is seriously cute! As of course is Mollie ❤ The poinsettia cafetiere is also cute. I love your blocking jigsaw pieces, I've noticed them before and been impressed by them, they are the ideal answer to lack of room and blocking projects. I now need to rush off and see if they are available here!

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  2. Now you have me wondering what “meow” sounds like with an English accent. Nice cozy, makes me wish I had a french press too.


  3. Oh you are so gooooood! You knit fair isle and watched TV at the same time. Let’s just say that is beyond my skill level. Mollie is such a pretty girl and Colin is a good looking little guy.

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