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Alveare update…

I’ve been working away on it at my lunchtimes…  

And at bedtime…

I’ve been to Bath & walked round the back of the Abbey on my way to a meeting:  

And my husband has laid on the floor with the dog…  

 Her tail is going nineteen to the dozen! 
And I’ve looked back at what I was making a year ago.  Funnily enough, all crochet!  

And I’ve signed up for Sewchet’s Secret Santa. Head on over to her post to find out about it… 

8 thoughts on “Alveare update…

  1. Ohhh I remember your dads waistcoat 🙂

    I’ve never been to bath but would love to visit it sometimes for the oddest of reasons – ‘Bath Tangle’ was the first Georgette Heyer book I ever read: got me hooked on her books and left me with a hankering to visit the place (yes, i know it will bear little resemblance to the modern town 🙂 ) x

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