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Weekend catch up

On Friday evening I went with my sister to a fundraising event for Breast Cancer Care and Dorothy House (our local hospice), which is a great cause and I was happy to go. She didn’t happen to mention before we went that it was a ladies only night (fine) with topless waiters… Now, I’m neither a prude nor someone who isn’t up for a bit of fun, but that truly is out of my comfort zone…  I drove (in hindsight a mistake as a few glasses of wine probably would have made everything infinitely more amusing!!) and we did have a really good evening. My comment regarding the waiters is: fair play to them; they were volunteers and doing it for a good cause. I think that a number of them might possibly have thought about going to the gym for a couple of weeks leading up to it and a spray tan would have dealt with some of the more milk bottle coloured ones! I coped by looking them firmly in the eye at all times… This was us at about 1am…

Incidentally, I wore proper heels for the first time in six and a half years (since I broke my ankle) and while the ball of my feet hurt, my ankle didn’t. The sad thing is I have learned to love my comfy flats so no more posing in heels on a regular basis!  

Saturday I had my hair cut by the lovely Nick.  This is before (and the distressed look is for effect, it’s quite posh!):

After:  I forgot to take a photo. Pretty much the same style as last time! 

Then I painted my kitchen (no photos) and hung out with my sister who deserved but did not have a hangover!
Today I worked on Alveare:  

Dug out the star crochet blanket in Stylecraft Chunky from my WIP bag:   

 My wrist has been hurting from working in the round so a bit of a rest and some crochet is perfect. 

Mollie cuddled my feet:  

 Isn’t she adorable?! 

Mum and Lucy (known as Naughty Lucy) visited:  
And while they were here I sewed the ends in on the cozy I made last weekend:   

A good weekend. 

11 thoughts on “Weekend catch up

  1. You sound like me regarding the topless waiters, I should tell you sometime about my embarrassing moment at a roommate’s birthday party which featured a male stripper. It was memorable.
    Why no after foto for the hair?! I dyed my hair and not one person has said ANYTHING about it. This leads me to think that either it looks terrible, or my grey hair (which is now covered with dye) wasn’t as obvious as I believed. Then again, everyone loved to comment on my grey hair before soooo… maybe they miss it. That poinsttia pattern would look lovely on tea towels, I think I need to find something to make a cozy for. Perhaps my teapot?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Male stripper? *shudders*
      I just forgot the after pic. I’m very lucky that I don’t have to dye my hair as I only have a few grey hairs and they are removed carefully by the wonderful Nick. None this time thankfully!!
      I imagine they haven’t noticed your hair rather than it being terrible as folks notice that sort of thing.
      A poinsettia tea cosy would be LOVELY. I reckon you could adapt the hat pattern, which has some other lovely Fairisle patterns, very easily.


  2. heels! I am impressed. I haven’t worn them in at least 15 years. Because they make my feet hurt, not any broken bones. But I just slowly decided I didn’t need to have my feet hurting, and gave them up. Knitting, crocheting, and the pups are looking good! As are your hair and kitchen, I am sure!

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  3. I give you a lot of credit for bearing it all in good humor for a good cause. Mollie is most precious, such a beautiful little girl. Lucy is the let’s get things rolling type. I love the pictures of both of them.


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