I hate fireworks and this is why:

The fear Mollie feels when the bangs happen. She doesn’t rationalise it, she’s just scared. So are many domestic and farm animals.  

That’s before you get to the stress so many animal owners feel at this time of year. 

Now, actually I quite like looking at fireworks but I really deplore the unlicensed way they are sold. Too many people are injured each year, quite apart from the issue of animal fear. 

I’m a liberal and I’m not keen on more rules but I do think fireworks should be licensed. My idea is that you can set off fireworks but you have to have a plan, get permission from the council, advise neighbours if you get permission and enable people to plan for this stressful time. This would also help with keeping people safe as they’d have to include safety plans. 

The campaign starts now.  


16 thoughts on “I hate fireworks and this is why:

  1. I had a dog that was terrified of fireworks. I live in the USA so there are a lot of fireworks, and accidents every year. Most of the fireworks are illegal but it doesn’t stop people from using them. Last July 4th a young man shot off a rocket from his head. He did not survive his stupidity. There are fires, people getting injured and disfigured, yet every year there is the same problem. I hope you can stop the insanity in the UK, and wish you good luck.


  2. I’m also from the US. And yeah, fireworks are pretty annoying. I am willing to give my neighbors a free pass on the Fourth of July. But I have some neighbors who do them all year long. I’ve called the police on them. We have city ordinances against this sort of thing. And I feel so bad for my felines, who seem to think the world is coming to an end.


      1. It never used to happen in the town I grew up in: they have a city ordinance that prohibits sale (and I think possession) of anything more serious than a sparkler. But around here, you can buy whatever you want whenever you want. There are noise/nuisance ordinances, but people seem to ignore those and, for the most part, don’t get in trouble.


  3. I like your idea and I would add an age restriction too – and possibly a bias in the direction of a certain gender. It seems to me that the amount of young males who damage themselves and others features very highly in fireworks ‘accidents’. It is a global issue obviously πŸ™‚ We have official events these days and restricted ages and days to purchase fireworks but there are still those who do their own thing with no thought for others rights, safety or concerns. It;s time to stop the PC crap and do something about them. Ooops, was that a wee rant? Must away and wipe the froth from my mouth……… πŸ™‚


  4. I love your idea. Poor, poor, sweet, sweet Mollie. When my black lab, Dakota was alive she was afraid of them too. I’ve never seen the beauty of having it sound like I was in a war zone. This year, the Big Fireworks venue had to cut it short as it set it’s own staging area on fire. This has incensed enough residents that I don’t think they will get a license next year.


  5. I’ve never been a firework fan – even as a child. I don’t find them particularly entertaining and they feel a bit like smoking to me – creating and buying something to just set on fire – and destroy a bit more of the environment, instead of your lungs. Not to mention all the wild and domestic animals they terrify.


  6. Poor Mollie, she looks so scared and unsure.

    Middle Mudlet suffers from hyperacusis which can make bonfire night very painful for her. That said she does like watching planned official village display because, just like local pet/livestock owners know to keep their animals indoors at the appointed time, she knows to put her earplugs (mainly used through thunderstorms) in.

    However, there was no planning for the idiot who used to live behind us for 7 years. He always bought dozens of nuclear strength rockets to set off over a two hour period whenever he felt like it, directly behind our house. Thankfully they’ve left now and this year we anticipate a more peaceful time because the new neighbours are lovely people, considerate and thoughtful.

    Mud did buy two dozen noiseless fireworks last year for the girls to enjoy in the safety of our own garden – not a bang or high pitched whiz among them, much more pleasurable experience and, I’d hope, more animal friendly x

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  7. in the last month we’ve had 5 nights where there have been random fireworks. now this wouldn’t normally be a huge problem except all apart from one of those nights they seemed to be coming from the same place…. the car park of the flats down the road. Now we live near a large park, there are a LOT of dogs in the area (i’d say every other house) and although these fireworks are often just 2 or 3 single fireworks let off, it HAS to be distressing to the animals to have these so regularly. My stance on fireworks is that they should be used on bonfire night and the saturdays either side of it if its midweek and at new year. These are the occasions where people would expect fireworks parties and are able to usually plan accordingly and be prepared.

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  8. Honestly I wish they were banned altogether I absolutely hate them, they only thing I like is sparklers. I am super sensitive to noise and I want to cry when it is bonfire night.
    I am sending Mollie lots of hugs x πŸ•

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  9. poor Mollie! We once had a dog so terrified that she jumped out a second floor window and took off at a dead run. She was found a couple of miles away. Now that our state has “legalized” them, we are treated to booming every weekend. Sigh.


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